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Power generators

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What's this

The current generator is a useful tool that allows you to keep the current intensity constant. In electrical circuits, real generators are used in parallel with a resistor. According to a simpler definition, it can also be said that the current generator is able to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy.


The current generator is a tool that converts energy, since energy cannot be generated from nothing. Let's start by analyzing the operation of a fuel-powered electric generator. The engine starts on rope and can weigh up to 10 kilos. The engine of the generator is driven by combustion, which activates the pistons that produce mechanical energy. The pistons are in connection with the alternator to generate current. The power of the engine used usually has two strokes of displacement up to 100cc. Small power generators are started by hand, some models are also present on campers where the electrical system is managed by accumulators, in which case the batteries are connected to the generator.


The power generator should only be turned on and handled by an adult.


The power generator becomes indispensable in those places where there is no electricity, such as in the mountains. Even on boats they are essential for watching TV or using the oven. Most of the objects require the presence of electricity even for those who are camping. Those who have a garden but have not thought about a lighting system in time can always decide to buy a power generator, which is also convenient and easy to handle. Those who live in areas where it often snows and there is no electricity is the perfect solution. The situations where it could be very useful are really many and when you realize its practicality it becomes fundamental.

How to choose it

Before buying a power generator it is necessary to evaluate the real needs because there are several models on the market. On each model there is the peak power and the rated power: the first is the maximum power it reaches, the second is the power it delivers when the generator is running normally. The thermal circuit breaker is a very useful safety device, because it immediately disconnects the electrical load if the generator overheats. Some particularly quiet power generators are often used on boats. In this way the need for electric current is satisfied without producing any kind of noise. The current generator is usually petrol, but it can also be diesel and still offers excellent performance. The consumption is quite low and the power is high, thus allowing prolonged use without problems. The diesel power generator is often used not only for private but also commercial uses because it guarantees excellent performance. When you have to make your choice, you can ask for further information and comparisons between a petrol generator and one powered by diesel. In addition, it is also good to ask for more explanations regarding the price and perhaps even advice regarding the use that will have to be made of it.


The costs for the purchase of a current generator vary according to the power chosen. It is good to always consider the quality of the product to have good performance. Considering the consumption also allows you to choose a generator that really suits your needs.

Power generators: Where to buy

A power generator can be purchased at a mall or DIY store. At these points of sale the choice is certainly quite wide, and offers the customer the possibility to choose between small or medium power generators. The choice does not refer only to the power but also to the different brands. At the specialized sales point, the retailer can provide useful indications and information in reference to each specific model. Before buying a large power generator, it is good to get information correctly and, above all, buy it only at specialized points of sale. The Internet is a great alternative to the classic shop. Some sites also offer the possibility to purchase the product directly online. The site shows all the specific characteristics of the current generator, from power to weight, and the customer will have to evaluate the object in question through a series of photographs. The power generator is ordered directly from home and you also have the possibility to compare different models with simple and few clicks. It is shipped and delivered to your home. Should it show any defect, it can be sent back and all the methods are shown within the site itself. Furthermore, if some acquaintance has a current generator we can also ask him for advice.

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